Sonia Riberi


Sonia Riberi, the stylist of the soul

I love defining myself the “stylist of the soul” because it is exactly from my sensitivity and my emotivity that it all starts. My feelings are the fulcrum of my creativity.

An emotion to create, many emotions to wear.

A great passion makes me create
so many emotions to wear.

Emotions are that part of each one of us that identifies us in every moment, in everything.
Because we are pure trepidation and phatos, we transmit our mood to others in presence and confrontation.
This is why, over the years, I have learned to listen to all that is beautiful and based on this I design every single garment imagining every part that composes it and listening to how it resonates in me and in the idea which I have as a woman.

The vibrations I pursue are happiness, joy, satisfaction and elegance, when these elements become so strong to give a meaning to the completeness and uniqueness, I see a new garment being born.
In this space of beauty I continue to immerse myself in order to be inspired by colours and prints.
Colours, many colours, which represent happiness, light-heartedness, balance, desire to dance with life and to make it special by giving light and warmth to share

In this way I interact with the world, through what resonates in each person, letting that strong impulse, which is identified in an explosion of pure belonging in that exact moment, choose the right garment to wear. I am inspired by a vision on an independent woman that loves transforming herself into the thousand roles she stars: from the mom to the single woman, from the woman who likes to appear to the one who needs to feel special, a woman who transmits happiness and integrity always pursuing the desire to be unique and express her own emotions

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