How to take your measure

How to take your measurements

In this video I would like to show you how to take your measurements as best as you can, so that I can manufacture the perfect garment for you.
When I talk about measurements I'm referring to you without any clothes on, in other words, just wearing a bra and panties. Remember that these measurements have to be taken without tighten the measuring tape too much and without leaving it to fall loose, now let's see together which are the measurements required to create the perfect garment:

-breast circumference
– waist circumference
– pelvis circumference
– and lenghts.

Let's look together at the correct way to take them.
The measure of the breast circumference should have the measuring tape placed in most pronounced end of the breast, the measuring tape shouldn't be too tight and not too soft. Let's look at the second indispensable measure, the waist circumference.
This measure is taken exactly in the position where there is the navel, this measure shouldn't be too narrow or too soft as well. The third necessary measure is the pelvis circumference. The girth should be taken at the most pronounced point of the buttocks. Even this measure must not be too narrow or too soft
Now let's talk about lenghts When it comes to lenghts, of course there will be two of them that are necessary, one if it is a shirt and the othe r one if it is a dress.
The measuring tape should be placed at the base of the neck, at the bone, in this way you will show me the lenght of the shirt or the lenght of the dress.
As for the outerwear, a dress with sleeves or a jacket, there is the need to also take the measurements of the shoulders, these measures must be taken along the shoulders, from one end of the bone the other end, you have to place the measuring tape from one shoulder bone to the other shoulder bone, that way we'll have the size.

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