Cashmere clothing in regenerated yarn

I design and produce garments with high quality and completely regenerated yarns because I take care and pay attention to nature.

My greatest expression of creativity and style is addressed to every woman, because they have the right to feel unique and special everyday.

The new collections in regenerated cashmere yarn


Timeless collections
Sonia Riberi

The Autumn/Winter collection was inspired by the concept of balance and harmony with our surroundings,a return to the simple things that make our life unique,small concepts that, in my opinion,you should never forget,that is, the respect and the link with Nature.
This strong desire combined with a great attention to less exploitation towards the Earth allowed me to choose for this collection precious yarns like cashmere,completely regenerated, recycled.

The union between materials and new forms,and lines present in the cuts of my models, want to give life to a concept of fluidity, of elasticity, to let ourselves be transported lightly in the continuous transformation of our lives, that’s why every garment is rich in movements, of folds, which enclose a great sense of perfection.

The collection is divided into four themes, namely:

-the theme of leaves that recalls living in harmony with Nature, in the perfect "Valley of Eden"

-the theme of the painting, in this case is incomplete, since everything is written down day by day, everything changes

-the theme of the rhombus with some flowers to express the union of a geometric classic with Nature ever more strongly

and finally

-the theme of the united that make each garment unique in the totality of the color itself

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